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Marital betrayals: after how many years do you start to betray?

27/03/2021 20:16

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Marital betrayals: after how many years do you start to betray?

how many years do you start to betray?

Apparently, ITALY country ranks is the first in Europe for the number of marital betrayals.

But how many years do you start cheating? Here are the statistics

You make a lot of promises in life that you can’t keep. Too many times even the most important one, the one made on the altar, is betrayed. Eternal fidelity probably does not exist, especially in Italy.

Let’s see what are the statistics of marital betrayals in our country.

Italy on the European podium for number of betrayals.

An extra-marital meeting site has compiled a ranking of the most unfaithful nations in Europe. The results speak for themselves: Italy is in first place with regard to marital betrayals. 58% of Italians, in fact, confessed to having betrayed their partner at least once, against 53% of Spaniards and 49% of French. Outside the podium, but in the top ten, we find Germany at 48%, Belgium with 46%, England with 45%, Austria with 42%, Denmark with 39%, Finland with 37% and finally Norway with 36%.
If we look at our boot with a magnifying glass, Catania is the city with the least traitors, only 9%. But the most unfaithful are in Rome, Milan, Naples and Genoa. And to betray are mainly women, beautiful 64%.

The statistics, year by year, of marital betrayals

Another dating site, Gleeden.com, carried out a survey that revealed how long after the wedding the betrayals began. The research was conducted on 1500 married Italians, aged 24 to 64, both men and women. The data is really very interesting, let’s look at it.

How many betrayals begin after the 1st year of marriage

Usually, those who betray their partner during the first year of marriage, probably have done it already other times before getting married. However, in this time, more men cheat than women. Only 15% of the latter, in fact, said they had cheated on their husband during the first year of marriage, against 27% of men.

Betrayals from 1 year to 3 year
It’s very easy that after the first year of marriage, a child arrives. Often, women concentrate with all their strength on the first child just born, perhaps neglecting the husband who, taken from a "abandonment syndrome", seeks affection elsewhere. In this delicate period, only 11% of women cheat on their husbands, while 36% of men cheat on their wives.

Betrayals from 3° and 9° 
After the 3 th year of marriage, the couple is stable and, very often, the boredom caused by the marital routine takes over. At this stage, both men and women cheat almost equally: 58% for men, 46% for women.

Betrayals from 9° to 25° years of marriage

If spouses are used to cheating, this is the stage where you become serial traitors. It is not by chance that 49% of men have confessed to having repeatedly betrayed their partner during these years, as well as 36% of women. The reasons for betrayal are almost always due to boredom and the desire to escape.

What happens after 25 years. 

If the couple had the good fortune to get to the twenty-fifth year of marriage, after this stage the betrayals fall to 13%, probably because of the age of the two spouses.


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